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For immediate release

       October 9, 2014

Contact:     Jill Greenbaum, CEO

                  Police Liaison Group, Inc.

                  Tel. 347.560.9110




“Crime…in the city is being driven by an age group anywhere between 13 and 19 years old, be it gangs, be it crews or...troubled children…Right now [the NYPD is] getting a lot better at conflict resolution. We’re getting a whole lot better at solving issues before taking enforcement…It doesn’t start at my level, it starts at the local level, which is why I appreciate the work that Jill Greenbaum is doing [through the Schools Unite Network].”

                        Ramon Garcia, NYPD’s Director of School Safety for NYC


On Wednesday, October 8, 2014, in cooperation with the NYPD School Safety Division, Patrol Borough Manhattan North, and local police precincts, the Police Liaison Group (PLG) held its Ninth Annual Schools Unite Network (SUN) Safety Conference for public, private, parochial and charter schools in Manhattan. The conference was hosted by Hunter College Campus Schools, a member institution of the Schools Unite Network program.*


This year’s conference focused on:

  • Fostering a deeper relationship and respect for the school, parent and NYPD partnership
  • Increasing awareness of safety concerns by school and parent communities
  • Increasing information sharing through the Schools Unite Network


The conference was largely interactive, with approximately 45 participants, 15 members of law enforcement, and included breakout sessions for parents and school administrators with their individual precinct commanders and/or School Safety Sergeants. Participants were given an opportunity to discuss concerns with law enforcement personnel in an intimate setting, then reconvene and share best practices with the entire group.


At the Conference, Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer thanked Jill Greenbaum for the hours, staffing, technology, website and attention to detail to keep children safe at public, private, parochial and charter schools. Hon. Gale Brewer stressed the need for more Safety Division Officers in the schools and for more school crossing guards, saying that “when six or seven people get killed in one geographic area you really wake up.”


Jill Greenbaum discussed the need for parent safety representatives to help update SUN’s online Safety Maps with crossing guard information, parent patrols and police-patrolled safe corridors, and to act as liaisons between their communities and the Schools Unite Network to prevent and address safety issues to protect our families. To receive invitations to events and participate, you can sign up to receive SUN Alerts at


As the Director of Security for the MTA, Raymond Diaz, emphasized at the Conference, “If you SEE something, SAY something.”


The Schools Unite Network, administered by the Police Liaison Group (PLG), is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 1993, and is a member of the NYPD Shield Program. The PLG’s mission is to help improve the quality of life and safety of New York. The PLG administers the Schools Unite Network (SUN), a technology-based youth safety initiative activated in cooperation with the NYPD, which serves schools in Manhattan. In addition...

What is SUN?

SUN is an important safety initiative for children, activated in cooperation with the NYPD to help keep youths on track, prevent delinquency and reduce crime concerning youths, including drug dealing, gang activity, pedophilia, and substance abuse.  SUN began on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the spring of 2006 and now has thousands of individuals from over 100 schools receiving SUN Alerts in Manhattan alone.

How does SUN work?

SUN transmits Incident Reports from parents, schools and community members to appropriate decision makers at the NYPD, when necessary, for their attention. SUN is especially effective in dispelling rumors circulating on the street and Internet, reducing fear and panic when a situation arises, and mobilizing the community when necessary, since SUN, established as a reliable source, rapidly disseminates recommended courses of action from the NYPD to our parent subscribers and member schools by issuing SUN Alerts.

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