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SUN ALERT: Police seek youths for several Felony Assaults and stabbings around West 93rd Street


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Captain Larin, the Commanding Officer of the NYPD's 24th Precinct requested that the Schools Unite Network (SUN) share the following with you concerning conflicts taking place between residents of the NYC Housing Authority's Wise Towers and Douglass Houses and students from a nearby school, located on West 93rd Street between Amsterdam and Columbus Avenues.

Note: Money Comes First "MCF" mentioned in several of the incidents below is a youth crew located at Wise Towers 201 West 93rd St, NY NY 

What occurred:

1(a) Thursday, Nov. 5th Assault Misdemeanor between a Douglass House resident and student at a nearby school around Amsterdam, between 93rd and 94th Streets: 3 out of 4 suspects were arrested, two were affiliated with the youth crew, Money Comes First "MCF" 

The first youth threw an unknown object at the vicitim. When she looked to see what it was, a second youth slapped her in the face. The victim states that she began fighting with the youth who slapped her when a third youhth jumped in pulling her hair and punching her in the face. The victim states that while she was on the ground one of four youths kicked her on the right side of her face and another poured rocks on her face while she was on the ground. The victim had no visible injuries, but complained of redness, pain and swelling on the right side of her face and did not receive medical attention due to the fight.

1(b) On Wednesday, Nov 25th, a group of female juveniles was waiting for her outside of her school

2. Friday, Nov. 6th Felony Assault, Stabbing, Victim is a "MCF" member, suspect is still outstanding

Victim was walking east on West 93rd Street when he was approached by an unknown individual. The victim states that the unknown perpetrator took out a sharp object, struck him 3 times on the side of his abdomen and the right side of his face. There were no witnesses to the incident. Lt. Teuchler was on the scene and Detectives Cruz and King Pdu were notified and responded.

3. Wednesday, Nov. 25th Felony Assault on West 93rd Street near Amsterdam Avenue, victim beaten with a metal scooter by members of MCF. Six suspects sought for questioning

Youth victim states he was beaten while walking home from school when he was approached by known crew members of MCF who started beating him with a metal scooter. Police Officer Pagan from the Gang Unit was notified and the victim was taken to St. Lukes Hospital for treatment.

4. Wednesday, Nov 25th, Felony Assault, Stabbing inside of school on West 93rd Street. Suspect sought for questioning

Vicitim and perpetrator had a verbal argument over basketball. The perpetrator ran to his bag and...

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