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What to know to protect yourself from ATM skimming and Money trapping

Summertime's on the way, protect your money while you play

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The Scam

ATM skimming occurs when a criminal attaches a phony card reader over the real card reader located in a lobby entrance door or ATM  machine. The phony device looks identical to the real device and is equipped with electronic recorders that will capture the financial information from your card. This data is later used to create cloned cards to withdraw money.

Safety tips from the NYPD and the Schools Unite Network (SUN):

1. Before using your card give the device a tug to see if it's loose. Inspect the ATM, credit card reader, or gas pump before using it. These phony devices are usually attached by two-sided tape and can be discovered by tugging on the areas where the card is swiped.

2. When entering your PIN cover the keyboard and use touchscreens instead of keyboard when possible.

3. Never let your card out of your sight and check your account immediately if a merchant scans your card or swipes it more than once.

And be aware of Money Trapping-where criminals attach a device to the ATM cash dispenser to trap your money and retrieve it after you leave.

SUN is a program of the Police Liaison Group, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 1993 to improve the quality of life and safety of New York by working with schools, communities, businesses, the NYPD, NYC Department of Parks and Recreation, and other necessary governmental and nongovernmental agencies.

The Police Liaison Group will not be held liable for any disparities or inaccuracies in the above information. Although information relating to police or other law enforcement matters is verified by the NYPD or other credible sources before transmission, omissions or mistakes may occur.

What is SUN?

SUN is an important safety initiative for children, activated in cooperation with the NYPD to help keep youths on track, prevent delinquency and reduce crime concerning youths, including drug dealing, gang activity, pedophilia, and substance abuse.  SUN began on the Upper West Side of Manhattan in the spring of 2006 and now has thousands of individuals from over 100 schools receiving SUN Alerts in Manhattan alone.

How does SUN work?

SUN transmits Incident Reports from parents, schools and community members to appropriate decision makers at the NYPD, when necessary, for their attention. SUN is especially effective in dispelling rumors circulating on the street and Internet, reducing fear and panic when a situation arises, and mobilizing the community when necessary, since SUN, established as a reliable source, rapidly disseminates recommended courses of action from the NYPD to our parent subscribers and member schools by issuing SUN Alerts.

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